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over the tiber


water research center & museum
rome, italy
davide sabatello (urban design studio)
kayleigh eppinger (baker)

The urban fabric of a Rome consists of various parts which are woven together to create a continuous spacial experience connecting one point to another. The Tiber River interrupts this. With our project we hope to reestablish this experience and to extend the city across the river.

The initial pieces of the city that we wish to include in our project are the architecture, public space, and water which we transform into individual spaces that then interact with each other. We emphasize the connection across the river even more greatly by creating a feeling of connectivity rather than a physical connection. Each piece of the city is then related to a part of the established program and is defined and articulated to adhere to the functional needs. Views and axes are created and the space where all the elements come together becomes a grand interior space with the most dynamism and importance. We establish a relationship between the city and the Tiber once again by extending the fabric of the city beyond the boundaries of the walls and creating a virtual connection. 

2023 LOGO-01.png
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